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& Juliet

Everybody wants brand-new things, it might be a new phone, car or something else and musicals are no different. & Juliet is a fresh to what is otherwise a story that has been told many times over. That is what makes it so amazing. Instead of dying for Romeo, Juliet chooses a different path and does things her own way. You’re going to absolutely love the cast adorned in the most vivid costumes and of course some very incredible music. The only real tragedy in this play is not having you there to witness it, so be sure to grab your tickets right now for a viewing at Stephen Sondheim Theatre Wednesday 20th December 2023.

What if Juliet didn't end it all over Romeo is the question that is asked by this innovative recounting of Shakespeare's classic. What? What in the name of all that is scared are we discussing here? Here is the low down, so pay close attention. This edited version of the typical love story has been changed to be more contemporary and is undoubtedly very funny. As she forgoes the Shakespearean ending in favor of a new start and a second chance at love and life, Juliet will take you on an incredible journey that is both remarkable and moving. You can enjoy the colorful costumes, an artistic story, and music such as "Since U Been Gone," "Roar, Baby One More Time," "Larger Than Life," "That's The Way It Is," and "Can't Stop the Feeling," among others. This rather avant-garde tour de force shows that there is more to life than Romeo. The entertainment at this event is truly something very special, and you shouldn’t miss it for anything. The only tragedy in this narrative is that you will lose out on this opportunity if you wait. There are only a very small number of tickets available, but you can still buy one here right now whilst they’re still available.

& Juliet at Stephen Sondheim Theatre

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