Below is the Stephen Sondheim Theatre address, please input it into your cars SatNav system to make your journey easier:
124 W 43rd Street, New York, New York 10036
Note that this is New York so traffic is going to be busy, especially close to the Stephen Sondheim Theatre as around the time of popular events the traffic can be busier. Plan accordingly!

We’ve found a few suitable parking lots for attendees who are driving to the show. However, there are more parking lots around the area that you can consider if you do not mind walking an extra 10 minutes or so.

The nearest parking spaces are as stated below:

  • Quik Park 0.04 mi away at 223 W. 46th St.
  • Icon Parking 0.07 mi away at 222 W. 45th St.
  • Icon Parking 0.09 mi away at 257 W. 47th St.
  • Laz Parking 0.09 mi away at 247 W. 46th St.
  • Icon Parking 0.1 mi away at 164 W. 46th St.
  • Champion Parking 0.1 mi away at 256-262 W. 46th St.
  • Quik Park 0.1 mi away at 215 W. 48th St.
  • Icon Parking 0.12 mi away at 235 W. 48th St.
  • Icon Parking 0.16 mi away at 249-253 W. 43rd St
  • Edison ParkEast 0.19 mi away at 307 W. 44th St.
  • Bright Management 0.2 mi away at 333 W. 46th St.

Prices vary from a minimum of $20 to a maximum of $40. For more parking information, kindly use the ParkWhiz app.