Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical [CANCELLED] at Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical [CANCELLED] Tickets

Stephen Sondheim Theatre | New York, New York

Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical is coming to Stephen Sondheim Theater, Manhattan, New York on Wednesday 6th April 2022 and pledges to be a delight of a show in laughs, sniffles, music and singing. So, what are you waiting for?! Grab your spots now and experience the tale of Daniel Hillard and his alter-ego Mrs Doubtfire and how they connect to impact Daniel and the lives of those surrounding him. The comedy, music and emotive journeys of Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical will stay with you forever, and the reminder of how we’re better together will stay true in your heart. Do not miss out on your invitation and spend Wednesday 6th April 2022 at the Stephen Sondheim Theater laughing at Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical and secure your tickets now!

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical [CANCELLED] at Stephen Sondheim Theater

When world-class performances have to pick a location for their next performances across New York (and the entire country), one place is always high on the list. Throughout the years Stephen Sondheim Theater has built a mighty reputation of being a go-to destination for top-talented actors and theater admires alike, and this April the illustrious hall will demonstrate this once again. One of the brightest highlights in the hall’s upcoming program is the renowned Mrs Doubtfire, who will hit the stage and work her magic on Wednesday 6th April 2022. That’s not the only reason to click the Buy Ticket button, though – the hosts will play their role in making the evening truly unforgettable, thanks to the unrivaled setting and secured conveniences on-site. Unique ambiance that helps you immerse into the act completely? No problem. Convenient parking lots right outside? You’ve got it. Fancy a tantalizing dinner before or after the show? Just visit one of the award-winning restaurants around the corner. You’re in safe hands with Stephen Sondheim Theater, so jump in the car and join Mrs Doubtfire for an extraordinary evening of great amusement.

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical [CANCELLED] at Stephen Sondheim Theater

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