& Juliet at Stephen Sondheim Theatre

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Stephen Sondheim Theatre | New York, New York

We live in the modern world now, and nobody cares about traditional endings anymore. Why? Because they're boring. & Juliet has got it going on, It is the hip take on the classic, Romeo and Juliet. Forget about death while you are whisked away on a amazing journey as Juliet ditches her famous ending for a brand new start and a second chance at life and love all done her way. Audiences have been queuing up to get their hands on tickets, what with its vivid visuals and an utterly magnificent score. Availability is becoming very short indeed, but we do have some right now so be sure to get yours today for a viewing at Stephen Sondheim Theatre on Friday 17th February 2023.

& Juliet at Stephen Sondheim Theater

In this witty new production, the most well-known love story in history is rewritten from the inside out. What would happen if Juliet didn't end it all over Romeo? It is a very interesting question posed by this rather unconventional imaginative interpretation of Shakespeare's classic. Enjoy a thrilling journey as she completely disregards the storied conclusion in search of a fresh start and a second chance at life and love, done on her terms. This one has a rather impressive number of awesome pop songs by Swedish pop songwriter Max Martin, including "Since U Been Gone," "Roar," "Baby One More Time," "Larger Than Life," "That's The Way It Is," and "Can't Stop the Feeling," that help bring Juliet's epic new story to life. You will absolutely love this comedic masterpiece that proves there is more to life than just Romeo. Totally forget about the dull balcony scene and focus on the real tragedy here, which is to lose out on this opportunity, which is what will happen if you don't take quick action. There are only a few tickets left, but you can grab yours right here on this page! So why are you still waiting? Do it!

& Juliet at Stephen Sondheim Theater

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