Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical at Stephen Sondheim Theatre

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical Tickets

Stephen Sondheim Theatre | New York, New York

Heath pounding, breath held back in expectation… The excitement is real. Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical are coming to New York with a promise to deliver the most epic theatre event of 2020! On Thursday 21st May 2020 the stage of Stephen Sondheim Theater will have the tremendous pleasure to present the unique talent of Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical in front of the eyes of the huge audience to create a Thursday night New York will never forget. Manhattan will witness a theatre show of monumental proportions, charged with Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical’s infectious energy and unique style, and you definitely HAVE TO be there. Get your ticket now and get ready for something surreal.

Mrs. Doubtfire - The Musical at Stephen Sondheim Theater

News feeds across the everywhere are lit up with the news of Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical coming to Manhattan in May 2020. Nothing bests the emotion of a thrilling LIVE show. When it comes to Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical, they know how to create historic performances with a combination of raw talent, and endless energy and power. So, save the date: Thursday 21st May 2020, and prepare for the cataclismic event New York has witnessed in years in the unsurpassed theatre venue of Manhattan: the awesome Stephen Sondheim Theater. Tickets are running out with epic speed, so don't miss your opportunity to be there! See you there!

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